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Some friends get together for lunch, some friends play golf, or if you’re anything like 1DAFUL, consisting of Electro-MC TB1 and DJ/Producer David A, then some friends make party music together as well. Their friendship is one based on having fun, making music, and getting parties going.

In 2010, the duo started out by working hand-in-hand to create several remixes of popular songs. They then took their eccentric style and parlayed that into their own catchy, original tracks. In all, their videos have garnered well over 2.5 million views on YouTube. Arguably the most successful track to date, a David A original production called Skrillehammer which featured a sample of producer Skrillex rapping, ended up spreading like wildfire. The music video to Skrillehammer was even shared by Skrillex himself on his personal Facebook fan page and Twitter account. Building off of the success, 1DAFUL have continued to develop new and exciting music, as well as music videos. They have created an online fanbase of over 60,000 LIKES on Facebook, 18,000 followers on twitter, 22,000 subscribers on soundcloud, etc. After just 5 months as branding themselves as 1DAFUL, they have released 2 original singles. “This Is Life” released by Australian record label, Velcro Records. As well as “Funkin Wild”, self-released and premiered on They have performed at some large shows, including Mystik Sanctuary Music Festival in Oklahoma City, where they played alongside HeRobust, Caked Up, Pegboard Nerds, and Zed’s Dead. They have opened for Adventure Club (New City Gas, Montreal), Grandtheft and Dyro, Pauly D (Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas), Apl De Ap from The Black Eyes Peas (Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas), Sean Paul, DVBBS (Outdoor Concert, Quebec City), Borgeous, Sean Kingston (Metropolis, Montreal), as well as hosting several official Down With Webster after-parties across Canada.

As their crowds get larger at each and every show, as does their fan base on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and YouTube. One thing that is certain is that 1DAFUL uses their exciting brand of innovated EDM songs, their uncontrollable energy, and their innate ability to always have fun, to turn every DJ Set into a party that you should never miss.

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